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15 November 2007 @ 01:27 am
two month  
Vincent had his two-month doctor's appointment today.

his measurements and percentiles are:

head size - 16" - 60%
weight - 10lbs 12.5oz - 30%
length - 22" - 15%

so all that is pretty good, the doctor even commented on how strong he was already because of the way he was holding his head and shoulders up.

he also got his first real round of vaccines today. >_< it was really hard for me to not cry. as it was, tears did well up. i insisted on holding him while they did it though. i wasn't going to make him get them if i couldn't be brave enough to hold him still during it.

i have never heard him scream like that before. he's been mad, upset, gassy, hungry and all sorts of other things. this was his first realexperience with pain and fear. i hope my holding him helped some. he did calm down fairly quickly without nursing, just me hugging and talking to him, but i still felt horrible.

his next appointment is Monday, January 14th at 8am.

i'm making Wil go with me.