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Babies due in September 2007

Babies who are due in September 2007
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This is a community to all who are due in September of 2007. Please read the community guidelines before joining or posting. This is a closed community so our members will feel safe to post pictures and or stories of their pregnancies and babies. Please lock any entries you wish to keep private!

Community Guidelines:

* Please place long entries and large or numerous photos under an lj cut.
* Be respectful. We are all mothers here. We all want what is best for our children. We are here to support each other, not rip one another apart.
* Please lock your entries if you want to keep them private; otherwise it is open for anyone to see.
* Do not post locked entries members make in other communities. If you do it will result in immediate banning.
* We ask that you do not delete posts or comments that you make. Just don't say something you can't/won't stick by.

Please fill out this survey when you join, so we can get to know you!
1) Your name and age:
2) Baby's due date
3) Baby's name:
4) Baby's gender:
5) Are you married, single, or partnered?
6) What do you love the most about being pregnant?

jillica jillica@livejournal.com

If you need to contact a mod for any reason (including being added to the table) you can use the email addresses above or contact any of us via our personal journals.

Want to be added to the birth chart? Post here with the appropriate information.

LJ Username/Real Name Due Date Weight/Length Baby's Name/Sex Baby's Picture
September 30 Baby Girl